Blocking Babstas

If you are getting a lot of .dll error’s or your bmt is playing up  here is one solution that may fix the issue.


Adding Firewall Rules

Safeguard your connection. This IP,, with the URL, is where BMTV3 reports back.

Outside of Boundaries:At this point, it is uncertain what information it gathers, therefore it is important to keep your information private and prevent others from accessing it.

Within Boundaries:Moreover, stop the server from transmitting code to your BMTv3 by doing this for incoming traffic as well.
I was getting a lot of .ddl issues, but ever since I fixed it, none have appeared.

It will require a restart of BMTv3. When you click the update tab and the news area is empty, you will know it was successful.

Both on your gaming PC and the server side, this is possible.

Using Netlimiter to check connection

This is my gaming PC and it shows the BMTv3 wants to send information to the IP.

You see the IP come up in the list as an outgoing connection, this was on my gaming PC.

It runs the BMTv3-RC and the IP shows up as red indicating it is blocked.

Access Denied twatwaffle!
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