How to Install the BMTv3 RC

Download the BMTv3-RC from here.


Then go to your downloads folder and double click on the installer

Click on the OK button to proceed to the next step

Click next to proceed the next step

Read the information if you wish to if not click next to proceed to the next step

Select where you want the software installed (by clicking the browse button) or leave it as default, then click next to proceed to the next step

This information is where the software will be installed and where the shortcuts will be placed click next to proceed

Information tab click next to proceed, or have a read

Installation is completed, un-tick Launch Babstats and then click the finish button.

The reason we do this is because the software is old and needs to be run as administrator.

Setting up the BMTv3-RC to run as administrator

Go to the install directory

the default directory is located here C:\Program Files (x86)\Babstats Multi-Tracker V3 RC

When you have found it right click the BMTV3RC.exe (Application).

Then select the properties.

In the property box select the Compatibility tab

In here select the Run this program as an administrator.

Then click apply and then ok

Once you have done this you dont have to do it again unless you reinstall the software

Updating the BMTv3-RC Plugins

Double click on the BMTv3-RC shortcut on your desktop

This will bring up your main login tab

Click on the options tab highlighted in blue on the image.

In update location put Other Location via the drop down.

In the Other Location type in the following:

Then click on Save.

You will now see the setting has been saved click on ok and restart the program and check to see if the settings were saved if not then it is not running as administrator

Click on the plugins tab highlighted in blue on the image.

Now click on the check plugins button bottom right

A list of plugin updates will show in the new plugins and updates panel.

Click the get updates button and allow it to download the files.

when the updates have downloaded you will see the updates downloaded successfully box click ok to proceed.

Then restart the BMTv3-RC babstats

When the BMTv3-RC is started it will complete the installation of the plugins and register the new .dll files into the software

Once the plugin have been registered you will get The message box verifies the updates have been installed, click ok to proceed 

Updating the BMTv3-RC Software

Click on the update tab highlighted in blue on the image.

Click on the update bmtrc button

In the update panel you will see the available updates.

Note: when installing updates do one update file at a time this mean select one file and click get updates, then restart the BMTv3-RC each time, I have come across some issues when trying to update multiple files at once this might take a little time but in the end it is worth it.


Close down the BMTv3-RC for each file update

Every time  the BMTv3-RC is re-started you will get the file registration box

Setting up your login profile in BMTv3-RC

After all your updates are done and you restart bmt you will see the login tab file in the relevant information in the text boxes.

The default port for bmt is 4173.

Once you have filled in the relevant information click on the connect button to proceed

Once you have connected you will see the profile list where it will show your game server profile.

Select the profile (in red)

To get into the server manager side of your game server, select the profile (in red) then click on server manager in blue (in the image) top right.

This will then load the server manager tabs.

If you have any issues you can contact us on the forums

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