Joint Operation How do I configure my server to use the RAT?

The Remote Admin Tool, or RAT, gives the host full administrative powers of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising game servers even if they are on a separate computer. With the RAT, a remote administrator has unlimited universal power, including the ability to adjust game options, add and remove maps, punt players, and “shake up” game-play.

Before you can use RAT’s substantial power, the server must have certain files properly configured.

Login information is set in the ADMIN.CFG file. It looks like this:

//NAME                 PASSWORD       RIGHTS

JoeUser                   yoyoyo            3F

Names in this file are not case sensitive but passwords are. Rights are explained in the comments of the ADMIN.CFG file. Don’t forget to change the login information when you enable remote access.   It is recommended that you specify your own unique usernames and passwords rather than using the login information in this example.

The ADMIN.CFG file can also be edited to restrict the IP addresses and domains which can connect to the server. Multiple restriction entries are also supported. By default, the restriction looks like this:

ip_restrict = 192.168.*

This indicates that only IP addresses in the 192.168. subnet are allowed to connect to the server.  That means that only IP addresses from to (roughly 65,000) are valid.  It is recommended that you restrict RAT access to as few IP addresses as possible.  Please note that the 192.168. subnet is a private, non-routable subnet, and is only used as an example.  You will most likely want to specify public, routable IP addresses for your configuration.

The host will also have to set a TCP port for the RAT in the GAME.CFG file.  By default, the line is:

remote_admin_port       = 0

When the port is set to 0, remote access is disabled. To enable remote access, change the 0 to any open TCP port that is not already being used. Numbers between 38000 and 65000 are recommended. For example:

remote_admin_port       = 40000

Once your login information has been established and a port has been opened, a remote administrator must run the RAT executable and log in. When the RAT executable is run, a window will display a command prompt for the remote administrator to enter the server they want to connect to. At this prompt type “OPEN [IP]:[PORT]” and press ENTER.  For example:


You will be asked for a login and password, in this example “JoeUser” and “yoyoyo.” You will be notified if the login is successful. Once you are logged in, press the ENTER key at any time to get a list of available commands.

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